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Burn Out

Yesterday, I burned out.  I had worked very hard, but was not easing up on myself.  Last night, I was cold, cramped and in a lot of physical pain.  I was also beyond speech and I think sometimes you get so tired that you forget to look after yourself.  My senses become confused too.  Hence the yowling like a child.  Too much on my plate and to make matters worse, I only had five hours sleep.  Thankfully, I have managed to chat to the senior lecturer, who thinks I should take the pressure off.  I hadn't realised I can select two out of three pieces of work on each module, which cuts my workload by a third.

If this is the case, I can review the best ones, rewrite the few I need to submit that are a bit scratchy.  Essentially, I have done enough that even if I submit my rough drafts, I can get a reasonable pass.  However most of my stuff needs to be resubmitted next week - I can email some if need be. I am 'capable of many great things' apparently.  At least if I have a reading list for the summer, I can gen up on it all and be prepared (unlike this year, where we didn't get the book list til 3 weeks previously).

I'm not doing any work tonight - I slept a bit this afternoon and I plan to rinse and repeat tonight.  Tomorrow, I'm at Penwith College to see Access students, who are interested in doing the FdA.  I have even been given a PP to do, so I had better mock up on that, briefly.
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