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Brave New World: Psychoanalytical/Marxist Essay - Day 2

Looking over last nights work, I have to re-jig quite a bit of it, so it flows better. 912 words all told, but still have the Jungian archetypes to do.  I have put aside another 'word dump' document to one side, so I can lift texts out and put them elsewhere if I can't think what to do with them right now, but may need at a later date. One thing is for sure, I will have to get another book stand as the one I have is propping up two text books and Brave New World. I really want to get the worst of this done today and move on to Marxist theory tomorrow.

I only have three weeks left; most of this week will be taken up with this essay and attending lecture (though God knows why - we need bumper tutorials and study leave IMHO).

I have ordered another reading stand as I cannot see my desk - it is awash with books, none of which I can put away.  I am over 1,000 words and covering the Oedipus complex now.

I am not in good shape physically.  My whole body is very cramped up and I have a sore throat for some reason.  I do try to take breaks away from the desk, but I am really trying to get this essay cranked out.  I can see the end in sight re psychoanalytical theory but I think I may  wrap up early this evening, go for a walk or have a good stretch - something.

I have reached the end of part one and I have managed 1,338 words.  I can foresee that some judicial editing will have to be done - right now, I am done and my back feels like an oxbow lake :-/
Tags: aldous huxley, brave new world, dystopia 101, fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, marxist theory, psychoanalytical theory, what is theory?

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