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Or at least as far as Tenerife, as Roux leaves for the sun today and hopes to stay out there indefinitely. Well, bearing in mind she is yanking ALL of her roots up to do this, I suppose it had better work for her - or I will be giving back her Le Crueset pans pronto LOL. I have also inherited her beloved throw, known as 'blanky' - yes, I know, all sounds v. infantile, but 'blanky' has been used when the recipient is not feeling so well (i.e. me circa 2012 - I stayed when I was very ill and later had to have an operation).  So - 'blanky' infinitely precious.

 I wish her bon voyage, on the understanding that I get my passport renewed and see her again in September before I start my second year at Uni. An excellent excuse to take some snaps for the album :-)
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