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Brave New World - Marxist/Psychoanalytical - Starter Day 2

I am still at the starter stage as I am rereading and taking notes.  I think I will be doing this for a fair while.  Plus sad, unforeseen circumstances have taken my studies off track this week and I will have to tread very carefully with members of the family. I cannot disclose, suffice to say its too damn sad for words.  The only thing I can do is sit tight and wait, whilst doing my studies.

One area of creative joy is this site, for any budding poet etc ---->

I have had an email from my former lecturer, who wants me to talk to a few Access students next Thursday. It's funny to think I was in their position a year ago.  I am delighted to tell them that the course is well-run and all is going well etc.

I have got the go-ahead from main lecturer - spent the day annotating the book, have got to get a lot done. Alas, tomorrow a friend is leaving to live in Tenerife (I am inheriting her le crueset) and we are seeing a client of Hubby's in the afternoon. Will have to be up early and do some skimming.

Lecturer recommended that I should deal with the two theories separately (1,000 Psychoanalytically/ 1,000 Marxist). Just as well; both theories are well-represented in Brave New World, meshing them would become an absolute nightmare. Get the gist that I may just be a little too ambitious on this one. One thing is for sure - time is running out :-(
Tags: aldous huxley, brave new world, dystopia 101, grindstone files - year 1, marxist theory, psychoanalytical theory, what is theory?

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