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Literature and Politics - Day 3

Today I am making a concerted effort to make progress with this essay.  It crossed my mind that I would have to look at all aspects of political factions, basically where it conveys ALL ideologies, rather than just governmental.  I am well over my word limit and haven't even begun to write the conclusion yet.   I cannot legitimately go anywhere until the bulk of it is out of my hair.The lads have been told that if they don't want me to turn into a screaming, foul-mouthed harridan, then leave me to it.

It is evolving, but I have such a very long way to go. Its about fine-tuning ideas and trying to make a reasonable essay of them. I spend a lot of Blank Time just staring at the screen going 'I don't know where this is meant to be leading me or anyone else that reads it." I have just restructured it and fractured the first part of the essay. I am looking at carnage here. Time to tidy up and take a break.

After a short break I have come back to the desk and still despair.  I am in a quandary as whether to write things in a timeline or by category (there is a huge difference between political agitprop and satire for a start).  I have rearranged a few things, which have flowed better, but are now full of inaccuracies.


The problem is, my main lecturer is a keen political animal and I am seriously worried about slipping up here.  She is an amazing teacher - a right little dynamo, but every time I write something I can feel her breathing down my neck.

Oh and sorry Blake, you have had to go :-/

1,338 words.  I think I have broken through the wall at long last.  I am getting towards the end of it before I introduce modifiers and maybe more academic content ( I can see key books outside the corner of my eye and possible e-journals that I may have to use to bunce it up), then pare back.  I feel a certain amount of relief, but I need to do a substantial amount of rewriting before I present it on Wednesday.

Still, getting there :-)
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, identity & nationhood, literature and politics

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