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Literature and Politics - Day 2

I am fairly bored with this essay already, probably because all of the writers I want to use in it are off the list.  I think I will omit the older writers and will just have to just wriggle through the rest and retrace my steps. Couldn't have picked a better day, as they weather is a cold bucket of crap and my car is STILL in dock. Therefore the need to run away find displacement activity has shriveled to nought.  Until yesterday - when I kick-started my old Blog Spot page.

I have it since 2007, but only used it sporadically - I preferred LJ as was familiar with its set up.  Yet I am looking increasingly elsewhere to develop some ideas.  Alas, it also takes up too much time and I need to crack on.  I have just over 4 weeks to write 2 essays, turn round 12 essays and write various commentaries justifying my work. May is my lock-in month.  I am already so sensory deprived, that I actually felt elation when I went for a trip to the supermarket.  I can tell you this much - I can't get my car back soon enough o___O

Anyway 677 word count from yesterday - best crack on.

I have managed to squeeze Swift in by making a small reference to A Modest Proposal, then I dragged William Blake into the mix, using the Chimney Sweeper/Experience poem.  However, I have moved onto the sixties and The Frost Report class sketch and onward to the eighties, Spitting Image and beyond. Feel happier now - have 869 words with a maximum of 231 words left.  I would say that 50% of it is well-written and the remaining is about collating the more modern-day stuff and using various conjunctions and modifiers throughout.

I have stumbled upon various academic documents in regards to Orwell's 1984, but some of it is so convoluted not to mention too impossibly high brow to use in a mere 1,000 essay, where he only has a cameo appearance.  Don't get me wrong - if I was writing a mini or full-sized dissertation, I will know where to go.  Right now, I am finding myself on the socialist side of the track and maybe wading a little too deep at this conjecture. I am writing something that needs to be sorted by this Tuesday at the latest.

1,053.  Truthfully? It looks a frick'n mess.  It has happened many times before and I dread it.  I can kinda see a way forward, but the last 40% I need to fill in BEFORE the conclusion - looks very, very messy.  At wits end, but I have three days (I can hear a Time Team metaphor spilling out here) to nail this sucker.  Then it's the finale, the mega-beast: 1 text (of my choice); 2 Theories (can use any but Feminist). 2,000 words go go go.

Right now, I just want to see the end of this :-(
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, identity & nationhood, literature and politics

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