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Literature and Politics - The Non-Starter Day

I am really dragging my backside on this one.  Too many days staring at a computer - I remember I was like this this time last year.  When you get a whiff of freedom, you just want to make a bolt for the door. Well, I can't go anywhere at the moment, as my car is languishing at the mechanics (been there over a week now - hard to source bits for a car over 20 years old) and I am praying that I get her back, rather than say the death rites over her. Especially since I really don't have a sizable chunk of change to hand over for another knackered-but-running car.

Can Literature have a political purpose? Yes. Discuss. No thanks :-(

Brain has gone into shut down. 269 words, most of that is the basic planner and from what the dictionary definition is for the terms 'literature' and 'political' actually mean.  I know some of what I want to say, but somehow the words won't flow and then I draw a blank.

It all went to the wall for me a bit.  I have the most massive block on this and I already know why.  I just need to talk myself around it.  I already have a sketchy plan.  Just have to rethink a few things.
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, identity & nationhood

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