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19th & 20th century: Wordsworth & T.S. Eliot - Day 4

I have skipped college - I was still awake at three this morning.  Terrible nightmares too, so I gave my apologies to all and channeled my efforts into sorting out my work.  I have ploughed some time into this assignment this morning and it is meshing far better than I thought it was going to.  I think I will have to employ some nip/tucks in some directions and a whole lot of rejigging.  If this is done by tomorrow, I will be very relived - then it will be fast forward onto the short penultimate essay - literature and politics.

So, metaphorically I have nearly finished laying the pipes, then I will be filling in the holes - later to tarmac.

Woo Hoo! I've actually finished it !!! Meshed, mended and filled - 2,050 words.  Yay! Onward to the penultimate assignment IN3 - Can literature have a political purpose? (1,000 words).

I have several possible essay planners here:

Plan A
1) Define literature/define politics - Can it be political?
2) Select 2 texts - 1 political/1 not political. Paragraph for each explaining why.
3) Final paragraph main article.
4) Conclusion.


Plan B
1) Focus on works that ARE political - state your intention (it does).
2) Prove it with chosen works.
3) Conclusion.


Plan C
1) As Plan A
2) Writer's Intention/Reader's Interpretation.
3) Nursery rhymes/Children's Story
4) Old School - maybe Swift/Orwell (or not - may have to use H.G. Wells Brave New World).
5) Modern day - political satire e.g. HIGNFY, Private Eye etc.
6) Conclusion using Writer's Intention/Reader's Interpretation.

Have a feeling that Plan 3 might be the way to go (or the one that gives me the most elbow room).  Right now, I am at planner stage, carefully following the grid.  One day, it will all make sense :-)
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, intro into literature, t.s. eliot, william wordsworth

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