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19th & 20th century: Wordsworth & T.S. Eliot - Day 3

Today is meshing day and I can see already that it's gonna be a messy one.  Right now, my essay looks like someone has dug a huge trench in the middle of the road, has cordoned it off with traffic cones and the drainpipes are ready to be laid.  It even has its own traffic light system - how far can a Lit student push this simile? I have got an extra copy of the essay, so there is a virgin pre-mesh copy if the bloody thing goes wrong. I have to pick up some books tomorrow and see if I can access LION/Blackwells/Cambridge, either through Moodle or the Plymouth Uni portal.

I should get a "(Wo)Man at Work" sign LOL :-)

I said that this could become a mess - lo and behold.  Trying to make the observations compare/contrast is a stickier business than one would imagine.  Even though I wrote these articles separately, I wrote them with the full knowledge that there would be hybridity sooner than later.

Stopped at five and couldn't get back to PC til nine.  By then my brain is on the friz and all inspired writing has gone out of the window.  Still - 1,720 words which will be refined on Thursday :-)
Tags: grindstone files - year 1, intro into literature, t.s. eliot, william wordsworth

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