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Jamaica Inn - Series (Part 2 & 3)


Truthfully, I don't it was as bad as people made out.  I understood most of what was being said, even warmed to the characters a bit.  I was disappointed that they didn't use all the footage from Cornwall (most of the beach scenes were from Devon, for crying out loud) and yes they messed it about a bit, but I thought that Jem and Mary had quite convincing chemistry.  Plus, even if some of the film footage was a bit ham-fisted/cliche - a LOT of it was absolutely stunning and even more convincing because it wasn't all classic, slick angles.  Thing is, it would have been an absolute smasher if there was clearer dialogue, kept it in Cornwall and stuck a bit more to the plot.

I prefer the Patrick McGoohan/Jane Seymour one, many people felt that it was closer to the actual book, even better than the 1930 version with Charles Laughton and Maureen O'Hara. Many people disagree, but for the short time that it is on BBC iPlayer, go look see.

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