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A Passage to India - Day 8

Done - I have completed the essay assignment at 3,120 and I will review it tomorrow.  As this is a rough draft, I will commit my thoughts to the research difficulties on my submission, with view to change things in the final essay. I am taking the rest of the day off and will look into TH3 when I see people on Wednesday.  Right now, I need air, good food and conversation where someone else talks and I just nod. Oh and I need to be nice to the cat, because I have scolded and rejected him once too often (usually involving walking over important piles of paper).

It wasn't to be - my little wind up car suddenly started complaining, then screaming and steaming in equal measure. Had to pull into a layby on the bypass and ring for help. Thankfully, Hubby and Prodigal 1 turned up and managed to get it home. Radiator leak - lucky that the bloody thing didn't terminally go bang. This, on top of the bug - Prodigal 2 has suggested that I am cursed. Maybe I am just unfortunate :-(
Tags: a passage to india, e.m. forster, fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, sense of place

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