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A Passage to India - Day 6

I am coming to grips with the last 33.3% of the essay, without lapsing into a Lindt Bunny coma (unsurprisingly, chocolate does absolutely nothing for catarrh, I am coughing more than ever). Last night, I was looking at the essay plan and couldn't help think that it was such a tangle of politics, religion, culture etc.  Also, I am not sure just how relevant my own point of view is in this.  In psychology, you are not allowed to make personal observations until you are studying a doctorate.  You are allowed SOME imput in English - will have to confirm with lecturer when redrafting.

I have reached 2,746 and have come to the bitter breakdown between the Anglos and the Indians and Aziz's triumph in court (whether indeed it can be called that as he shouldn't've been there in the first place.  I am hoping that I don't have to have verbal imput in this essay - I am more than aware that the politics are difficult, it is a product of its time etc but I still feel like it was a massive wrong and that Fielding let Aziz down.

2, 985 - I have done probably over 80% of what I need to do before I edit and rework, then look for pithy quotes from Blackwells and The English Review or maybe Rivkin/Ryan or the Post Colonial reader than I had to do a PP on in October. Tomorrow will be about sorting out the last three large points, then start signposting back to the original question of Forster's Portrayal of India.  I could be done by Monday - then it will be on to TH3 - Reading a text through two perspectives 1,000 – 2,000 words.  Woohoo (but let's get through tomorrow first).

Something that has put the fear of God in me ::: I am shocked to find that I have got six weeks left on Monday.  Six tiny weeks - didn't seem that long ago that it was 12 weeks and counting.  Time flew by when I wasn't watching :-/
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