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A Passage to India - Day 4

Chest infection not getting any better and left ear is now blocked, so am off to the quacks later.  I have just had enough of this, not one to need sick notes but am changing that.  I am six days behind schedule and I have a LOT to catch up on.  A fellow student has advised me to get extenuating circumstance form from lecturer. I don't like doing this, I feel like it's a cop out as if I am that good, then flu shouldn't derail me.  Alas, it has.  Anyway, I left my work at 2,046 and I need to get back to it, but not before I get some antibiotics down my neck.

Still such a long way to go - 2,221 but a substantial amount of rewriting has been done to make it stick together better.  Apparently, the nurse who saw me said that some of the strains of this bug had hung around for six weeks, moving from the head to the chest, then back up into the nose - rinse/repeat.  I have looked at my essay and I would say that the first half is written well now, but the latter half is one giant word dump.

2,385 words, but I think I am further in than I originally thought.  I think I will have to have a lock-in til Monday, if I am to realistically hack through this.  A better day, but a long, long weekend ahead.
Tags: a passage to india, e.m. forster, fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, sense of place

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