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Spring Cleaning (or is this the fine art of procrastination?)

Easter 2014 002

Although I have been posting stuff on LJ re the Brit Pop weekend, I have been pretty rough with a bug that pretty much wiped me out.  I will have to kick start A Passage to India again, though I am 1,300 words in - will possibly have to work through Easter, which is a pain. Spring is here though - time to clear out and through. A friend of mine is moving to Tenerife and is giving stuff to her friends.  I have inherited a set of Le Creuset (made very welcome - come to Mama), some drawers and some badly-needed bookshelves, among other things.  To make way for the useful stuff, I have to get rid of a lot of personal tat.  I have pulled my office apart and it is amazing just how much paper a FdA student generates.  I have been feeding Yum Yum, the paper shredder all day.  I have wondered about this supposed paperless society we are meant to live in. Do not see any sign of it here.

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