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Brit Pop Weekend - Part 2

As I wasn't that impressed with the Brit Pop collection from Radio 1, I thought I would chuck in other hits.

Pulp's This Is Hardcore was hailed as their most orchestral piece and rightfully so - it brought the glamour of old Hollywood, whilst disturbing the listener with it's seedy lyrics.  Still, an incredible piece of music.

Other choices under the cuts:

I am not fond of Oasis and I concede that The Importance of Being Idle was released in 2005, but I really like this one. Very retro sixties feel, plus Noel Gallagher has a half-decent voice.

I came to The Eels quite late, but heard Novocaine was one of David Tennants favourite songs from the nineties. Maybe it wasn't considered an edgy guitar great for the billboard, but reminds me very much of the nineties.

I stumbled upon the Eels' Beautiful Freak, because it was part of a song backing to an old video game. Dreamily Beautiful.

I kinda found Radiohead via Bjork as she is a friend of Thom Yorke - very fond of Creep, found it on a compilation CD from NME. I saw it live, looked a bit pretentious but sounded ace :-)
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