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Graffiti Revisited III

'Tis done - all 906 words of it, not without a bit of juggling and a bit of editing (paring back on some and expanding on others).  It is now as good as it is going to get sans academic eyes giving it the once over.  I have to pull another 700 words out of the air to say why and how I did it.  Good question - because some urban art can be absolutely amazing.  It most definitely interesting how people find urban art more acceptable, when it starts to veer into photo realism or stencil e.g. Banksy.

My argument is about releasing government/lottery funds to support community art projects. Just where this will get me, I don't know. All graffiti artists are rebels, who revel on the forbidden element and most certainly don't need some do-gooder trying to sanitise or justify their actions.  I suspect if I was born into my son's generation and was handy with a spray can, I probably would be a right little sod and no fence or wall would be safe LOL.  Anyway, I have started the commentary - need to get it done tomorrow, so I can take some time off.  Next essay (a biggie) is 'A Passage to India' and I faithfully promise to write this sucker without being distracted by cake/friends/friends WITH cake/internet or just plainly legging it.

Started with 344 out of 700 words for the commentary, but most of this is the essay planner. Tomorrow is another day.
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, transactional writing

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