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This brought me up short. It was on Post Secret last weekend, posted twice (which I thought was an error) - then reposted the words "because some part of you doesn't trust in the part of you who believes." I wonder how many who read this, stops short and questions why they are doing what they are doing. What is it that stops us cultivating our joy? Maybe we keep ourselves in check because we need to live/survive and doing what makes us happy, doesn't earn us our paycheck.  Maybe we fear ridicule if we say, "this is my dream and I want to do it" - that somehow we are waiting for permission to do whatever it is.  Loved ones being jeerleaders instead of cheerleaders - "Boo! Hiss! Cha cha cha!!"

Or maybe we are too absolutist and we need to do a LOT more of the stuff that makes us happy, but not to the point where it annexes somebody else's joy.  Who knows - maybe we should just get on with it and be instrumental in continually moving forward :-)
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