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Don't Blink


LOL - I know that Michael Angelo's 'David' is no 'Weeping Angel,' but this photo kinda reminds me of the Dr Who series. I think it was my mother's friend Kay who bought it for her nearly forty years ago - all I can remember is that it turned up in the summer of 1976. I inherited this statue nine years ago and I have a lot of fond memories of scorched summers of barbecues, Pepsi bubbles and playing in the pub garden. It has been lost and found several times; someone even tried to steal it once - my mother had to stop them trying to get on the bus with it!!

Right now, he is having a rest in my back garden - I am planning a revamp, to take him back to his pale blue glory with the aid of some masonry paint as soon as college has finished.

Rest of my Flickr photos at this link ---->
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