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It's been a strange day. I had to act out the part of Nora in A Doll's House but portray it differently than in the book.  Now, I am a bit too long in the tooth to play the coquettish type - but I had to play the Nora character as more domineering part and Steven (God Bless him - gangly 23 year old and so very sweet) had to play the part of Torvald differently and had to portray him as the down-trodden husband. Actually, we didn't do too badly; in fact, with a bit of polish, we may have been able to pull it off - but I am no drama student and I suspect, nor is Steven.

Anyway, I have had to use some of my student loan on yet more books (covers under cut for size).

If I am going to compare Jane Eyre to anything to bunce up my marks, I am going to have to read this as both Torvald and Rochester like to infantise their partners.

A suggested follow-up to Jane Eyre - Bertha's life; a prequel fanfic written by Jean Rhys

A book much heralded by other members of the class and so far, unheard of by yours truly.
Tags: a doll's house, fda english y1, henrik ibsen, jean rhys, the book thief, what is theory?, wide sargasso sea

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