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Stream of Consciousness

I wait to be seen by my tutor, I have to discuss Jane Eyre which is always a joy to my ears.  Didn't bring my marked essay; I was under the impression that it could reside in the pink plastic tub under my desk until I redraft. Do I need to talk about it? I can read your haiku in fine, black lines. It's ok - I need to make it better, a bit difficult to discuss when I am flying blind with the assignment in front of me. Most of the lessons have been done; it's now about turning around the original drafts.

I've lost count how many I handed in, nor am I clear with what I have got left (vaguely six - three of which are to be done in the Easter break, maybe one to be done before the end of next week). Still, maybe it is good to touch base, not for a pep talk, but maybe direction. Maybe I need time with Careers Advice, rather than a pat on the head. I have choices - do I just do the degree and see what's out there?  Should I just write for a living and hope for the best? Should I take a PGCE at the end of the BA term and be a SENCO teacher (adult sector maybe), or possibly a TEFL? Acronyms that could spell out my life. The sooner I get careers advice, the better.

Sitting in Fal Building, warm sunshine slanting through glass. Echoing sounds of scraped chairs and shared jokes; the only feedback I am interested in is eating chocolate cake. Sometimes this feels like a no man's land between inertia and production. It is difficult to describe the sense of working hard but also drifting. I shouldn't complain though; one nice thing of the day - it appears that the photo I took of the Year 2 girl last week, is the nicest one of her and maybe used in preference to the ones that the actual college photographer took.  Sony Xperia is a good phone media wise, but even so - it looks like one girl and her mobile has trumped one photographer and his camera that cost close to a grand. Yay to me :-)
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