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I am aware that I have had five days off and have done precious little coursework.  I was going to do some today, but once more I was distracted because I went to see a friend - this is the problem: I want to see people.  Studying appeals to my hermitage, but recently, I have been overwhelmed by how much I miss contact with the outside world.  My sister and her ceramics; my dear confidante who lives across the way; my little old lady who I dance with at country dancing; my pink haired chum from my original access course and many, many more.

In a fortnight from now, we will be off for our Easter break - the problem right now is, I smell freedom and don't want to work anymore.  This has got to stop, obviously and it will.  However I do think that I need to take a break, or I will become isolated and loony more frustrated and not do my best re work.

All work and no play makes Calico Pye bolt for the door - drink coffee with wonderful friends and remember just how much I value them :-)
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