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Breaking Self-Imposed Blocks

Today I was supposed to carry on with A Passage to India, but I met up with my sister instead.  We talked about various art projects that we want to do, but somehow we always manage to hold ourselves back from doing it.  Mind you, she makes more of an effort, because she has invested more in materials.  She is good with clay and all things ceramic - I am better with silver work.  Both of us enjoy glass.  She has a kiln and fires things more regularly now - recently, I had a few nice pieces from her; my favourite being the dish with the woodland scene and a leaf-shaped trinket dish that I love.

Last year, I bought some mosaic china that I was going to do last summer - but somehow chickened out.  Never had the time, or that was my excuse.  Still have it in a box somewhere and I think, with Angie's help, I will do this.  When I find a medium I can work with, I think nothing of it e.g. any form of writing and I love photography.  It's because I know I can do it: I WANT to do different stuff, but just run scared trying new things.  Somehow I will have to break myself of this.  My thoughts turned to the pastels that I bought and I spoke to her about the art I did in my mid teens.  It involved daffodils, so it must have been March (82/83?).

Daffodils in my kitchen

I was trying to get onto an art course rather than do Art 'O' level - I remember that much and I remember doing the daffodils and an Aladdin's lamp.  Beyond that, nothing else much.  Thankfully, she remembers more - I remember now that I did a pastel drawing of our jack russell dog, a spider plant, a long purple-fluted glass vase and other stuff - I must've churned out quite a bit.  Alas, I didn't get my foot through the door in college, although I went on to do 'O' Level art (bored me rigid, there are only so many loo roll cartons one can draw - it was like ::: Yeah, bud - I know how to draw a cylinder, can we move on now?).  I remember being in the art block and having a look at the gallery on the third floor - it was all full of photo-realistic art. I marveled and realised just WHY I didn't get in. Yet, there was and older woman that I knew, who was an accomplished artist (and exquisite sign writer) - and even SHE didn't get in.  Something about not being able to 'mould' her at her age. I wonder what the criteria was at that time - be young, be able to shed your clothes and able to draw tins of tomato soup, it appears. Alas, I sucked at soup LOL :-)

My old art teacher wanted his budding artists to bud out in their own direction (he could be a bit loony anyway - he took a painting of mine and run it under a tap to see what would happen to the colours.  I was stunned and more than a bit cross). Some thrived, some (like me) could have really done with some old art-school direction. Anyway, back to today - I can't do anything that will take me off of academic track for too long, so I have opted to draw something with pastels within a week.  Not a massive commitment - maybe I will go retro and attempt to do the daffs in my kitchen.  She may fuse glass or fire clay.  I will have to do this as part of a reward in sticking with A Passage to India annotations that I will have to do.

Right now, all I want to do is trek to the beach and draw the sea - but nope, back to the grindstone.  I will feel better when June 2nd comes and it is all done :-)
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