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Reading Week - A Passage to India I

Technically, this was during half term break, but I had some catching up to do.  I have four days off, so before I have to write the mini epic, I should probably re-read the book.  I read A Passage to India a few months ago - I must admit I skim read the trial and was patchy on the ending.  Just read enough to get the gist, so it's time that I went back and had a closer text analysis.  Today is perfect as it is a grey day, Hubby is working and P2 is in Truro.

I am also going to read Monica Ali's Brick Lane as it is on the reading list.  I know that there is a 'Read a Text, using TWO Theories' coming up - I really don't want to do Jane Eyre A-GAIN (or at least - so soon), especially when I am hoping to revisit that book next year for Psychoanalytical Theory.  Plus::: today is D-Day - dyeing using henna (a messy and unforgiving mix, but with a beautiful outcome), so I need to stay in....trying to convince myself NOT to make a bolt for the door...

Disturbing thought - 11 weeks before EVERYTHING gets handed in.  Sounds like a long time, but there are at least 6 assignments to do and then basically, I will be AWOL for the whole of May redrafting the finals.  Hand in - Monday June 2nd.  Sheeeeeet.

OK - I am going to have to wipe-board my thoughts soon.  People/Places/Politics, Religion/Culture/Class & Caste. What unites/divides them.  Symbols. Mannerisms/voice patterning. Assumptions re customs and morals/values. Trust Versus Mistrust.

Misconception - that there is one true India.
Tags: a passage to india, e.m. forster, grindstone files - year 1, sense of place

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