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Year 2 - It's Gonna Be Big

I have 63% rough draft for my travel piece, of which I will jazz up with pix and with tighter contrasts and observations.  I have learnt that although our marks this year DO count towards the final, it is next academic year and the final in Plymouth which will be the mega ones.  This is where you start to break off into vocational career choices. There is a big set of digital media/film stuff to do in Year 2. I knew that it was going to be big, brains just gone * boom * with info overload. I want to write expanding into novel/publishing/journalism - not sure what I will come out with in the end, we will see.

Plus I have to be mindful of where I live geographically - this is the county where we have more small, private business per capita than anywhere else in the UK.  Another plus side is, you can do things online now and it doesn't matter wherever you are in the world.

Sorry, had this song in my mind all the time I was typing. Love Tori, don't ever hear enough of this one - especially when she breaks through the glass at 2:06
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