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Jane Eyre/Feminist Theory - Day 7

Woo hoo!! It is a summery 16c (60.8f) out there!  Sunshine - two days on the trot! Alas I am indoors, still slavering away over a tepid desk, but even I can appreciate the warmth through the window.  The plants in the porch are stretching their leaves to catch the sunlight, lest it is a fleeting visitor.  The long range forecast is good, if a little cloudy - which means I can really ramp up the speed on this essay and take some days off.  Actually see some friends in the next town, maybe my sister and niece and even better, live life through a lens for a while.

Meanwhile, I have been up since 8:45 with a staggering 2,528 words under my belt and I haven't even finished with Rochester yet, let alone set my sights on the clinical St John Rivers, nor add the sprinkles of academic critical view (does it really matter what old Prudence Stuffed-Shirt (MA) said in The English Review ten years ago? Apparently it does).

I have gone as far as I can now - 2,944 words.  Sprinkles yet to be added.  I want out, though: if I can nail all of this totally by tomorrow evening, I will be out for the whole day on Tuesday and/or Thursday - gratefully photosynthesising in the rays of the early spring :-D
Tags: fda english y1, feminist theory, grindstone files - year 1, jane eyre, what is theory?

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