Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Bottle Gardens

The Bottle Chapel at Airlie Gardens, North Carolina a tribute to Minnie Evans.

I just love this - on FB at the moment, I am subscribed to a age called Off The Grid (recommended by a good friend, who like innovative ideas).  This is just stunning and I especially love the film clip of Grandma Prisbey's bottle village, Simi, California.  Originally she built one wall to keep out the smell of the local turkey farm and wanted to extend her property to house her 17,000 commemorative pencils.  It grew from there and even though Grandma is long gone and the site is in ruins, it is an amazing story.

I've posted this because it is something that I would simply LOVE to do, as so would my sister.  There is even a 'Temple of a Million Bottles' in Thailand. There are many more pix from bottle houses/gardens/villages around the world at the following link ------->

This summer, I want to do a mosaic with willow pattern plates that have been pre-cut and mount it in my garden somewhere.  In fact, I dream of escape at the moment - I am up to date with everything bar the Jane-Bloody-Eyre piece.
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