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Lion Statue - Forbidden City, Beijing, China - September 2007

Today, I have to come away from Feminist Theory/Jane Eyre and write about my overseas excursion to China a few years ago.  I have already composed the travel piece an it is just over the word count - I just need to write a commentary as to how I wrote it.  I come a bit unstuck here.  It is mostly a stream on consciousness; I am writing to inform and convey images and ideas etc., but mostly the way I write in the document, would be the way I speak in real life i.e. more chatty, less formal etc.  I do wonder if journalists have to justify why they used a modifier here or that hyperbole there.

I am resigned to the fact that I have to explain everything that I do - part of me is a bit fed up that I have to consciously identify aspects of speech that are largely unconscious.

Link:  China photos at my Flickr account --->
Tags: fda english y1, transactional writing
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