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Hiatus - Migraine

I have tried to do some of my work today, but have been thwarted by other things - a cognitive test thing and a whopper of a migraine. I don't get them often, but the desk was seething/boiling in my left eye, I could see a rainbow and parts of my vision disappeared in my right eye.  Thankfully, it has all calmed down now - but I am missing a crucial day. I am thankful that there is an INSET day at college on Friday, so I get a day off.  It will be one that I will need.

1,121 words. I have put the barest of bones of Feminist Theory/Jane Eyre.  Have at least double that to go, so I will have read, develop and get some Gilbert and Gubar in there somehow. Monday will be about writing something briefly for the forum and Tuesday, I will do my travel piece, ready for Wednesday.  Full steam ahead.
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