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Old Churches - Заброшенные храмы России.

My absolute favourite page on LJ is abandonedplaces and I just HAD to repost and show these photos. Kudos to the photographer, the pix are glorious :-)


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Sokolsky temples in Exaltation, and Zamoshye Olareve

There are three monumental churches in Vologda region, this time around the cities of Kadnikov and Falcon. Unfortunately, to find information on the history and architecture of the data center could not, therefore, a large part of the Visual. question will be three more monumental churches of the Vologda region, this time located near the towns of Falcon and Kadnikova. Unfortunately, find information on the history and architecture of data attractions failed, so much visual component of fasting.

So, the first point we have suburbia Kadnikov, between the villages of Aleksejcevo and Dement'evo, is the ancient village of Vozdvižen'e, which received its name in honor of the built in 1780, the Church of the exaltation of the Holy Cross . The Temple, as Usual for These places, the two-storey Grand and one connection with A Bell Tower. From the outside, nothing inside out Gave us is A very unusual "discovery". Namely, the vaults of the ground floor (refectory, the temple and the altar) are decorated with painted stucco massive frame encases. The original Decision. The Refectory. Set the Altar Part. The painting is of mediocre quality, but at the Expense of ITS frame Looks interesting. But the surprises do not end, WAS on the Second Floor of the masterpiece painted dome. We rise up , we pass the refectory, with the lost painting. And vaulted Ceilings, by the Way, here's conical shape. And here in the Temple of Tall sizes we are met by A fluttering angels on the firmament. Note the Floral Frieze and Garland frames the Medallion. Domical Vault with coarsely painted figures. In the sky, strewn with loose stars, Shows Eight of the Archangels and angels Five. Will We walk to the Altar of the Second Floor. Very Cute and unusual Look Floral frame. Itself Image The inside has not Survived, but still Garland Look elegant. Especially Tulips on the Crown. Well, there is definitely beautiful, but there are two Abandoned churches. And we admire moulded frames and plant garlands, leave the shrine. Side view from back Well, and How to Capture not another Abandoned house on the Outskirts of the Village. The following are in the Village of Zamoš'e. The name of the Village originated from the local Moss-Words "the swamp" (Zabolotie). Here is Also A Monumental two-Story Temple. It catches the eye of two coupled volume, refectory, apse and Bell-why the temple has gained a very elongated building. This dates back to the 18TH century Temple of Intercession. Well, and the number of chapters-there are nine. On the Facades of the Famous totemskie Cartridges. Within the Interior of faded completely, with the exception of Fragmentary preserved paintings of the Second Floor, but did not Get. Though, here's A sort of Holy art. To Say That scary Look-Say nothing. This time, Find ourselves in the Suburb of Falcon. Deep in a field between the villages of Starkovo and Olarëvo, in a wooded area hidden another Vologda land deserted Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1773. Of Interest here is the Front Porch. And the entrance to the Temple. In General this is the Bell Tower collapsed Directly into the Refectory. But not in Vain we stomped to the Temple, in A Pile of Broken bricks , once here stood the furnace refractory klejmënnyj we found brick, manufactured in southern Sweden in the village of Skåne province HOGANAS.

So, the first item we Kadnikova suburb where Alekseytsevo between villages and Dementieva, is an ancient village of the Exaltation, received its name in honor built here in 1780 by the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross.

Shrine, as usual for these places, and a grand two-story, one Due to the bell tower.

Outside nothing betrayed that within us waiting for a very unusual "find". Namely - the ground floor vaults (refectory, the church and the altar) are decorated with paintings, done in massive stucco frame. The original decision.


chancel of the Code.

itself painted a very poor quality of performance, but due to his frame, looks interesting.

But the surprises did not end there, on the second floor we waited masterpiece painted dome.
rise up, go through the dining hall, with paintings disappeared. A vaulted ceiling, by the way, is conical in shape. And in the temple towering sizes meet us angels fluttering in the firmament. Notice floral frieze and garland framing medallion. dome vault with large painted figures. On sky strewn with loose stars shows eight Archangels and five angels. 's go to the altar of the second floor. Very nice and unusual look floral frame. image itself inside has been preserved, but garland still look elegant. Especially tulips above the crown. Well, there is definitely beautiful, but still waiting in front of two abandoned church. And we admired stucco frames and floral garlands, leave this temple. View from the back of the Well, and how not to capture another domino abandoned on the outskirts of the village. abide next item in the village Zamoshye. Name of the village originated from local word moss - "quagmire" (Zabolote.) There is also a monumental two-storey temple. In his eye catches two paired volume, refectory, apse and bell tower - why church acquired a kind of very elongated building. This temple dates back to the Pokrovsky XVIII century. Well, number of chapters - there are nine. On the facades of famous Totemskie cartouches. Interior completely lost, except for fragmentary surviving paintings of the second floor, but not get there. Though, here, surviving some sort of art. Say that look scary - to say nothing. At this time find ourselves in a suburb of Falcon. Deep in the field, between the villages Starkov and Olarevo in woodland hid another Vologda land abandoned temple - Nicholas built in 1773. Out of interest here only the porch. And the entrance to the temple. Generally it crashed right into the refectory bell. But we are not in vain stomped to this temple, in a pile of broken bricks in place once there stood the furnace we found refractory brick Kleimenov produced in southern Sweden in the province of Skåne village HOGANAS. This concludes our mini-trip that day came to an end. And in conclusion again I liked the frame Cross church.

Statement: This is not my intellectual property and no copyright infringement has been intended - full rights are to the photographers mentioned above.
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