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18th Century & the Works of Pope & Swift - Part 4

Plodding on - it is all going so S-L-O-W-L-Y. I have jettisoned poor old William Blake, but I will be revisiting him in the second year as I have to study the Romantics - so all is not lost.  I can make a vague reference as to how the age of satire paved the way etc. I have decided that I might have to fork out for a Kindle/Tablet after all, mostly because I can download some ebooks for free that would cost me via paperback.  I will still continue with paperback, especially since I learn better when I annotate.  Having pristine e-pages will be a help.

Finished with Pope (actually I quite like him - he attracted so many enemies because of his scathing wit, he had to walk his Great Dane dog armed with a couple of loaded pistols).  Onward with Swift...possibly.

Jonathan Swift was a wag, wasn't he? Suggesting that surplus children of the poor could be eaten, just to get a reaction - well, who would have thought of that?  Mind you, he is probably voicing what David Cameron and Boris Johnson have considered to aid quantitative easing (or at least reduce flooding - sorry, that was about 'gay' parents, wasn't it? Silly me). 813 words and counting.

1,015 - definitely a lot better than the past few days - I might even smuggle Blake in yet :-)
Tags: alexander pope, fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, intro into literature, jonathan swift

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