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18th Century & the Works of Swift & Blake - Part 2

I have done only about 10% of this, mostly trying to set the scene for the Augustan period/Satire/Swift and then 'Vive le Revolution' with Romanticism/Blake et al.  A LOT of this had had to be sourced through the net, mostly via open network pages of the UK Unis; some via the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Trying to log in all on the Reference page is a bit of a nightmare (if I don't cross reference this at once, I will lose who quoted what/where/why very quickly).  Back to the grindstone :-/



I cannot tell a lie; I am ab-so-lute-ly bored rigid by this.  I bunked off and visited my sister and niece this afternoon, but I have been staring at the same 300 words for the past 2 hours and haven't made much headway. You see, I don't really care about Dryden, Swift et al. I am starting to not give a **** about Blake and I rather like him. Whereas I can identify with Shakespeare and Dickens (yes folks, you read it right), the building blocks in between have absolutely NO interest to me whatsoever.

Care cup ::: Empty.
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, insider/outsider, jonathan swift, william blake
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