Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

Government Vs Gales

Relentless storms are due to a far more southerly jet stream, so we are told. We have yet another bout of horrendous weather, mostly comprised of hail, thunder, torrential rain like you have never seen and fierce gales. We have been reassured by the Met Office that things should die down next week - I do not share their conviction. We have one day of calm, followed by 36 hours of apocalyptic chaos.  The Brits as usual, are stoic in the clearing up process, but understandably they are angry that they are governed by a failing succession of bureaucratic bullshit.

The thing is, the UK Government has not coped well. They spend more times in meetings discussing the way forward, rather than action.Tied up by red tape, hamstrung by quango bumph - in the middle of it is David Cameron, who has only sprung into action when the Home Counties flooded. Suddenly, money appears to be no object. No one can be blamed for the glut of storms we have faced, but the inability of our government getting it's finger out, is frankly quite shocking.
Tags: storm feb 2014

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