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Blood Orange

Blood Orange 003Blood Orange 001
Carnelian stone

I am deeply frustrated at the moment, because I am meant to be doing Swift/Blake - but I have to compile some of my poems on the forum.  Now, I have done enough to get by - but one of the ones I did had a bit of a crap review from the prominent poet expert on the course.  That's fine, but since this is portfolio work, I really needed to get a couple more online to cover all bases.  I so want to share my stuff on here - I can't, because when my stuff is shoved through a scanner, it will be linked to my LJ and I don't want the awkwardness of having to cite myself every time I share something.  Or have it nicked.

So far I have compiled the following: Bitter Salt; Jackdaws; Milky Quartz (not so good review); Penwith Storm and one that I have just written called Blood Orange (carnelian stone). The plus side is that the poet expert wants me to post Jackdaws to the INK magazine competition.  So I have to pay attention to what works and what doesn't. Now, I don't claim to be a poet, but I have fallen in love with my carnelian stone and I hope the poem reflects my feeling about it.  I was playing Massive Attack's Psyche when I wrote it and playing it makes me feel a bit more in contact with my creative side (sadly lacking in recent weeks).

If the rest don't like the quartz one - I'll can reject it and post it on here.

I'm looking for you in the woods tonight, I'm looking
Looking for you in my flashlight, I'm searching
From in the high or down the ocean
And I face myself in reason
Gain the wolf
Gain the wolf

Conjure me as a child
Slipping down a web side
Stretch up I cannot reach him
Jumping up they drag him from the water

I watch them march him into life
I watch them take him from the pale
Into the sky for your eagle eye
The sun seeds a sickle and a scythe

Ridicule they won't allow
Quench abuse and let love flower
Rip the cage out of your chest
Let the chaos rule the rest

Show without showing
What you know without knowing
Twigs snap eye/I catch no canoe only you and me
Alone on the old tea hope sea

Dissolving who we are
Call out for yesterdays destiny come
We're on a foreign shore

It was your mark of falling
I was the car still running
And will you call and be assured for life
And if you feel it you will fly
The sun should have been with me

And I was set to fall in
As I was set to fall in
Tags: creative writing, fda english y1, poems, vids 2014

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