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Kubla Khan't

Another day, another assignment.  I have to pick a century and select two writers.  I like the Romantic poets, as they were a bit experimental and very 'rock 'n' roll'. Specifically, I want to try Taylor Coleridge's Kubla Khan and a William Blake poem if possible. I have emailed my lecturer to seek guidance as I am a bit shaky on some of this.  I think I need to get some reference books too, so I will be plundering the library someday soon

Have had an email from my lecturer, who has just pointed out how difficult it would be if I was to compare Kubla Khan to anything of Blake's.  Blake is a social commentator and Kubla Khan is just Samuel Taylor Coleridge whizzed off his tits on opium LMAO - good point (I was thinking about the 'biblical hallucinations' of Coleridge, versus 'the angels in trees' religious visions of Blake, but I think she is probably right - it is an essay too far).

These are my choices:

1) Proceed with Blake and change the assignment title slightly, i.e. 'what were the important aspects of Romantic Literature' as opposed to '17/18/19 century (pick one)'

Blake's London and Shelley's England (or indeed Wordsworth Composed upon Westminster Bridge).

2) Keep Blake in mind and compare him with Jonathan Swift's satire A Modest Proposal (which will keep everything neatly in the 18th century, as prescribed by the assignment title).


3) Keep Taylor Coleridge's Kubla Khan and compare it with Wordsworth's 'One Summers Evening' from The Prelude.


And at that point, my head exploded...


OK - I am going for option 2) - I actually liked the Swift satirical observations about life.  A bit like Blackadder without the trimmings.  It also overlaps from satire to social commentary (back to Blake again).

It has just occurred to me that I may need to get to the library sooner rather than later.  I am stuck without some lit history books and the ones I have here just won't cover it.  I am going back to my old almer mater tomorrow - I have too much to do today and I am kicking myself that I didn't plunder the vaults earlier.  This essay is gonna be late and will impact upon the other essays.  I have a horrible feeling that they will pile the work up during the hols.  This one will be emailed during the hols, two more are set for half term holiday - but I have a sneaking suspicion they will be dumping the Passage to India assignment on us too - which I don't like at all.
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, intro into literature, jonathan swift, william blake

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