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Define Yourself


Identity - an interesting subject.  We are all defined by the cultural and environmental aspects of our society - particularly the place where we have spent the most time.  Obviously, I have specific tastes and character traits and my internal world tends to be governed by that - but also the outer world, what I experience in my environment impacts upon this too. The sensory reaction to art, science, politics, religion. My feelings and relationships that I have with people.

If I said about the influences on my life, other than family/friends etc., I would say the following: walking on the beach (sans gales); access to new and exciting music and relishing in older, more emotionally connecting music*; photography; making jewellery/glass objects on the rare occasions that I can; being able to write for the sheer joy of it; being lost in a fabulous book; travelling.

( *I had a dream about Dave Gahan last night - very strange (but pleasant, in a non-dodgy way) and VERY rare for me to dream of celebs, in any shape or form. Think it is my subconscious telling me I should listen to more music (not specifically Depeche Mode), or make music.  Maybe something more artistic as I have rather hit the doldrums recently. Gahan as muse - hahaha.)


How about you? how do you define yourself, do you think?
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