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Crow and Gull

I've started to write the children's book, alas I have found that there is already a Gulliver the Gull in existence, so I have had to change his name again.  I have story-boarded it, so at least I have the outline sussed e.g. 12 sides: Beginning (intro and what they did) + Middle (one clever child who points out the obvious) + End (sensible conclusion).  Also ::: I have to create a poem about a crow and submit it to the forum by at least tomorrow.

I have started the last page first and I am inspired by snippets - but trying to make things work rhyme and metre-wise is not always easy.  I am thinking to books of my own childhood:


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is still going strong


Edward Lear's Nonsense Stories are not so popular but his nursery rhyme The Owl and the Pussy Cat still stands the test of time.


 My personal favourite still is The Butterfly Ball by William Plomley, illustrated by Alan Aldridge.

Normally, I have an ear for rhyme and have composed poetry in the past, but I am finding the concept of writing rhymes for children a bit challenging at the moment.   Strange really, because it was rhyming stories and nursery rhymes that opened my head to English at a very young age.  I was a voracious reader, read anything and everything and it IS the children's first books that captivate children and introduce them to using their imagination. I have storyboards 1 and 12 sorted out - I need to find the story in rhyme from 2-11.
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