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Beethoven ( I Love To Listen To)

Yesterday was a really positive day:

  • Because I actually slept for six hours last night, rather than fretting and not sleeping pre my early uni start.

  • My 'Sense of Place - 1984' has come back with 68 % (tweak it a gnats and I have a first :-D)

  • Have had a glowing report of work from main lecturer who says I am a good, hard-working student.

  • I am now up to date and therefore not stressy anymore.

  • I am better at poetry than I thought I was.

  • The satellite has now been fixed, which means for the first time in weeks, I can take time off and watch some telly.

​Really pleased that it is going well, but I have quite a lot to get done within the next few months, including; writing/illustrating a child's book; essay on Modernism; prepare a piece of writing about a historical person involved in development of Cornish identity; 19th century literature analysis; and read Passage to India very, very soon.  Oh, and Du Maurier (read Jamaica Inn already, will have to read Rebecca).
Tags: 1984, eurythmics, vids 2014

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