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Othello/Tabloid - Rough Draft Done


Brabantio Bust Up Over Desdemona's Defiance

No - I haven't written that, but thank the stars above, the tabloid sheet has been done.  I have to whistle up a commentary document of 1,000 words (plus 10 % = 1,150 max) as to how I managed to do it.  Most of it was farting about rejigging the whole template and finding pix from the Branagh version.  That and hearing my soul fizzling into nothingness whilst creating a seriously sexist lexis used by all three main tabloids.  Onward with the commentary doc.

Sometimes it is harder to write about what you did.  I have to qualify everything I did, including titles, fonts, choice of lexis, phonology, direct quotes etc.  I have gutted out the essay plan, which has swallowed up 609 words already.  Tomorrow, I am having my foot xrayed and if the colour printer doesn't work, I will have to shoot off to the almer mater college to print it off in the library. I am going to have to be awake early and finish late to do this.
Tags: fda english y1, grindstone files - year 1, intro into literature, othello, tabloid

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