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Something's Afoot

Last September, I put my foot down a pothole and twisted it badly.  As previously recorded, I was in a lot of pain at the time and had to rest it for a few days.  Bruising came out swelling went down a bit, but have had continual swelling since.  I hadn't taken much notice of it until comparatively recently as it has suddenly become worse. It was uncomfortable, not agonising but it darkened a bit, so off I trot (notice:::not limp) to the quacks for a checkup.  She prodded it a bit, and I looked on - then she touched an area that I did not think was a problem and yelped in pain. I am now limping!

I am off for an Xray as they think I might have originally had a hairline fracture - not sure quite what they would plan to do if I had, as it happened over four months ago.  If there is nothing there, I have to get ultrasound from the physio guy.  Crabby now - have got some gel for pain, but not happy.  Still, best to get it looked at, I suppose.
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