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Othello/Tabloid - It Begins

Today is the Othello/Tabloid assignment.  I haven't read a red-topped newspaper for a very long time.  I have got The Mirror, The Sun and The Daily Star in front of me.  I want to weep on behalf of the human race.  I know the kind of market and I saw more 'Pap's Baps', than is healthy on a Thursday afternoon (as usual page three and the usual lurid stuff), but also Rihanna wearing postage stamps on her chest, but granny knickers ala Bridget Jones. Strange girl.  I try not to be snobby about it, but the whole lot just makes me cringe.

There seems to be a huge celebrity market and not a lot of news at all.  I am not interested in soap operas and light entertainment, therefore I am lost in this strange quagmire of celeb-feed, boobs and low-register scorn on low-brow topics. Task set as follows:

Othello If you were a journalist sent to Cyprus to report on the destruction of the Turkish fleet and the triumphant arrival of Othello, what would you include?
Decide on your angle…. You could be writing for:
-          a Venetian Broadsheet
-          a Venetian Tabloid newspaper
-          a Turkish newspaper
Consider how your choice would affect your report.
Produce a front page report.
Possible items:
-          the destruction of the Turkish fleet
-          the role of the storm
-          the fears for Othello’s safety
-          a profile on Othello
-          a profile on Desdemona
-          a profile on Cassio, or  any other important character
-          a report on Othello’s recent marriage
-          interviews with witnesses and friends (maybe Iago?)
-          political commentary
-          the planned celebrations
-          implications of the defeat for Cyprus/Turkey/Venice
Produce a commentary explaining your choices.  How did you decide on what to include?  What target audience were you aiming at?  How did this affect your linguistic, lay-out and typographical choices?

Right now, I am at the 'scrabbling around for ideas' stage.  It's going to be about the interracial marriage, the kiss-and-tell of Iago etc., but I must admit to dragging my feet (again) on this one.
Tags: intro into literature, othello, tabloid, transactional writing
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