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Bitter Salt

I have to write a poem for the forum by midnight tonight.  The theme seems to be rock, using the following words: *African Amethyst * Biggs Jasper * Bitter Salt * Blue John * Blue Vitriol * Bone Turquoise * Cave Creek Jasper * Cherry Blossom Stone * Dogtooth Spar * Falcon's Eye * Flint * Fool’s Gold * Hydrogen dioxide * Mica * Moor's Head Tourmaline * Native Copper * Needle Tin * Painted Boulder * Picture Jasper * Precious Beryl * Redruthite * Rock Salt * Stalactite * Thunder Egg * Tin Stone * Wood Tin *

Blue Vitriol is an interesting one.


I think the likes of Thunder Egg and Falcon's Eye will be used by the fantasy fiction writers of the class and there seems to be an interest in the Cherry Blosson Stone below.


I would like to know who this Beryl is and if she is indeed a bit 'precious.'  I have chosen 'Bitter Salt,' because I think there are more images I can play with.

Tags: creative writing, fda english y1, poems

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