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Nightmare Eighty Four - Part Three

It is back to the Cornish Januarys of old: gun-metal skies, face-flattening wind and horizontal rain.  I am tied back to the desk again, so I can soldier on with the equally grim 1984.  I know that one of my classmates has done his on an extract from The Beach; another is doing the houses of Wuthering Heights. Nice cross-section, I will be interested as to what the others picked. Not for the first time, I have wondered why I have chosen such a depressing book - it was meant to be cathartic. it is a book that GCSE students have used, for goodness sake. What could possibly go wrong?

It is when you have to take a look at text with an academic approach that suddenly you realise it is not as straightforward as one might imagine.  It is the phonic sounds of the words that make the landscape so sombre and uncompromising.  Anyway, keep right on to the end of the road...

It is official - I am a thousand words over at still not at the finishing post.  Damn this 'Sense of Place' assignment (or words to that affect.  I am using a lot of fricatives at the moment!!)

The essay has been written, now comes the hard bit - right now the word count stands at 2,717 and I have got to submit 1,500 words, the outside maximum of 1,650.  Not cutting it in half exactly, but I will have to pare it back by at least 1,067 words.  Seriously. Dear Lord. I found it hard to keep it under 3,000...

Will edit when tomorrow comes (<----why is my life dominated by Eurythmics tracks at the moment?)
Tags: 1984, dystopia 101, fda english y1, george orwell, grindstone files - year 1, sense of place

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