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I shouldn't complain, I know - but unsurprisingly, I am finding 1984 a drag.  I have been on this a week, but realistically  it has been split time in between finishing the creative writing homework and attending college (there was also an evening out that I couldn't get out of - enjoyable as it was, it took me straight off track).  Just as Wuthering Heights before it, this is in another nemesis - another beast to slay.  It is looking a LOT better than it was,but I have a lot of judicial editing, which will include sentence rearranging and a lot of paragraph meshing to do.

I have set myself the deadline of midnight tomorrow - in actual fact I really want to be done way before that.  I am also having a peek at Microsoft Publisher for my newspaper report.  I will have to get to grips with that pretty soon and I have a feeling a trip to see the tecky-minded boys from two floors up won't come amiss.

Things are slightly better.  I am down to understanding what I have to say about the lexis area of the essay - of which Oceania has its own - Newspeak.  Also, it won't be long before I will be commenting on word classification (verb/noun etc.) and seeing what effect it has on the essay.  I will then sum up the overall effect (frickn grim and bleak springs to mind) and my reader response (now thoroughly depressed).  This hydra head is going on and on (I actually do think of this degree as being one great big Lernaean Hydra and the golden sword at the end is the final scroll), but I think I am at least 3/4s done.  Yay to me :-)

I was mistaken in my assumptions that I am 3/4 through. I haven't even touched the phonological sides yet (alliterations, plosives, fricatives et al), nor the figurative language (similies and metaphors etc.), nor the cacophonic language (there is sure as hell no euphonic language, I can tell you!!).  I have made the notes on it for now i.e. the lines and where they are in the text for tomorrow. I am at least 700 words over, if not more and as I have said, I am not done yet.

*sigh* tomorrow is another day :-/
Tags: 1984, dystopia 101, fda english y1, george orwell, grindstone files - year 1, sense of place

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