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Blue Monday

I haven't made any New Year's resolutions - I don't see the point.  I can understand that we have had excesses over the Christmas period and maybe a detox is in order.  Many giving smoking/drinking or go on diets - only to wear a tight hair shirt when it all comes unraveled in the third week of January.  According to my esteemed colleague bardcat - today is meant to be Blue Monday, where on the happiness index of 0 - 100, Monday 6th January scores a lowly 46.  LOL - really? As high as that? Not that I doubt it, January/February can suck all round.

However, I do have a goal.  This year is Higher National Certificate year (or year one of my English BA) and it is something that I have to complete. To support this goal, I have two smaller goals: 1) To reduce eating junk and eat healthier meals.  Nutritional nurturing maybe; 2) To find I way to wind down from all of this work so I can sleep the nights before college so I don't go MENTAL. I have downloaded an app to help with the former (Diet:::MyFitnessApp) AND the latter (Meditation:::BrainwavesApp).  Need to get certain things under control - as I said, the smaller goals are intrinsically linked to the non-negotiable bigger goal

Talking of Blue Monday, how can anyone forget New Order? Ironically in the charts 30 years ago - think it was released in '83 but I remember it most in early '84, probably as part of their re-re-releases.
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