Mean As Custard (calico_pye) wrote,
Mean As Custard

V for Visage


This turned up on Facebook a day or so ago and it stopped me in my tracks because it was so absolutely true.  Some would argue that we all wear masks and we play act out who we think we are meant to be, rather than feel comfortable enough to be ourselves. To some extent, anyone who LJ or similar social forums could use an icon as a mask and write under an assumed name - which could allow them to be who they truly are.  Personally I don't trust the net enough to reveal anything else than what you see on here.

Pseudonyms fascinate me, though - my hero Ronnie Barker had at least five pen names: Bob Ferris; Jack Goetz; Gerald Wiley; David Huggett and Jonathan Cubbold.  It gave him the freedom to write whatever he liked and have his work judged without favouritism or prejudice. I would most certainly identify with that - if I ever got into print, I would definitely feel happier hidden under an assumed name than not.
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