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Nil Desperandum

Alas I do - I know that I am only about 40% through the 1984 essay.  The bare bones of the essay plan is there, but my random musings have got to be streamlined and pared back to the level of acute observations and make every single word count.  Right now it is a mess: I have referred to essay writing as almost being like forensic archaeology or like a huge jenga puzzle - right now it is like the carcass of a thoroughly mauled roast chicken and somehow I have to make it into a fully-fledged hen.

I am aware that this is a haphazard metaphor, but I think it is the ruminants of a very chaotic mind at the moment.  Right now, if I have any inspirational thoughts, I log it at the end of the essay - in a kind of massive word dump. I cannot afford to agonise over the other assignment that I have to fulfill by at least Tuesday night, 'ere I get a beady/withering look from my lecturer.  I have to acquire blinkered vision and deal with what is under my nose or flap around like a wet hen*.  Plus ::: even though keeping FB and various other pages open at least provides me with a link to the outside world, I find that I have developed displacement activities. It was previously seen a couple of months ago, when I cleaned the aga and researched exploding wind turbines on Youtube rather than soldier on with my PP on Post colonialism.  Right now, my undivided attention is on our new super shredder that looks like R2D2 and has been nicknamed Yum Yum because of its capacity to consume.

Get on with your work!!!

* Why is my metaphor about poultry?
Tags: 1984, dystopia 101, fda english y1, george orwell, grindstone files - year 1, sense of place

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