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Hail to the New Year

New Years Day was a strange one - we had a hail/thunderstorm just before the New Years Eve count down, which knocked out the electric and threw frozen grit onto the world.  I didn't have anything alcoholic to drink, but I still awoke cold and slug-like the following day.  I am pleased that I have only put on 3lb over Christmas, however I need to get it off tout suite, or it will snowball and I can seriously do without that.

Getting back to the grindstone is going to be a little difficult as I have so much to do.  I have been AWOL rather a lot because my mother-in-law was having a big operation and everything kinda got in the way.  I have a week to do at least two assignments, maybe get an extension on the third and get back on track.  Some of the Christmas decorations came down today - more than relieved to do that.  There is a fine line between hazy, tinselly good vibration of the season and just Christmas tat.  The plus side is, the weather is gorgeous - fantastic glacier fresh sunshine for a change and a comparatively balmy 11c (51.8f) out there.

Now I have to slam dunk Orwell's 1984 - should be a piece of cake as I am very familiar with the story.  I have already made notes of the text, so I am hoping I can start to make some inroads into it
Tags: 1984, dystopia 101, george orwell, grindstone files - year 1, sense of place

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