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I'm a Procrastinator - Twisted Procrastinator

I am guilty as charged - but I think I have done most of the donkey work for the PP.  Now what I have to do is replace my elongated notes with a handful of 'pithy quotes' and then I am done, for now.  As well documented, it has been painful to do as I am sure it has been for some to read.  I keep this online homework log - because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to see progression and at least I can see SOME thing is happening. It also brings me in contact with the outside world.

The list below contains some of the prevaricating things I did whilst compiling the PP.  Prodigal 2 tells me that when he was TRYING to revise for English, he read about the change from Constantinople/Istanbul and the Byzantine empire and the Vietnam war instead.  Anyway - here goes.

  1. Went to a neighbour's place - ate cake.

  2. Went out for drive/watched TV/moved furniture

  3. Watched the Grand Prix - twice (Indian & Abu Dhabi).

  4. Rang friends.  Make that ALL of my friends.

  5. Emailed a friend from last years course - also mailed my former lecturer to tell her I am using Milgram (1963) & 'Five Steps To Tyranny' on PP. Got replies back too - both pleased to hear from me, it seems :-)

  6. Went to my sister's place - ate cake.

  7. Cleaned the aga - this is no mean feat.  Unlike regular ovens, it needs a lot of attention.

  8. I swear if the car was parked closer, I would have washed that too.

  9. In search of Post Colonial clips on YouTube, instead I watched one of a wind turbine self destructing.  Laughed a LOT.

  10. Got side tracked into watching YouTube clips on what wind turbines look like inside (Yes - I was THAT bored)

Thing is - I KNOW that this is a rough draft, so I know I will be doing this all again later on in the academic year.  I have a horrible feeling that I will be doing Marxist theory at some point.  Apparently, my degree is designed to stop looking at things at face value, challenge the norms, rock the establishment etc.  It is meant to make me artistic and anarchistic - so what is it making me do? Instead, I watched a video that shows how horizontal axis machines and platforms are bolted together inside a turbine tower....

* I think I will go and lie down now *
Tags: fda english y1, identity & nationhood, insider/outsider, powerpoint presentation

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