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Tomorrow Comes Today

I have posted this video, because I am using some of the song as part of my presentation for IT.  I have already done the Graffiti PP for English, but need to use the presentation as part of my IT module - from about 1:31 to 2:16; possibly the end music from 2:57 to end.  This came out about 12 years ago, when Spike was about 7 years old.  We were staying in an old caravan in the deepest Kent countryside for a fortnight and only brought 3 CDs.  The only CD we could all agree on was the 'Gorillaz' one and we played it half to death as there wasn't any reception on the radio.

Good times though.  Picking a sack of blackberries in a thunderstorm - with our host and his vastly extended family, in order to make blackberry wine.  Oh, and being woken at 6 in the morning -  to find our son and a gaggle of kids aged 5 to 9, on a dew-covered lawn, having a whale of a time playing cricket in their pyjamas. Happy times :-)
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