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UCAS has been finalised - I hit the button and paid my dues, the conformation email came bouncing in two minutes later.  I just have to sit tight and wait. The Wuthering Heights essay indeed got the quadruple Distinction mark - which makes my work a Super Distinction.  The minor complaint she had, is that ideally she would have liked to have seen the Gothic theme unpacked and signposted even more.  Really??? With a cap of 1,200 words??? I thought I had done just that - short of brandishing a stake, waving cloves of garlic and yelling "Heathcliff's a monster" - what else could I have done to emphasise the point?  Gimmee 2,000 words and I would have personally stood in a sheet, going "Woo!! Woo!!"

*shakes head sadly*

I think I get the gist.  With Victorian literature firmly in the curriculum of the FdA for next academic year, I am going to have to heavily sprinkle more elements of the gothic through out my essays - dotted like an electronic paper trail.  Anyway - back to work. I have a 2,000+ word draft to do on 'Stress' (hahahahahahahahahaha) to be in for Friday 8th.  I have done about 300 words a fortnight ago - probably time I caught up.

I am writing about Hans Selye's 'General Adaption System' (GAS for short) and there is an awful amount of sticky biology to wade through.  Words like 'adrenocorticotropic' hormone (ACHT) and terms such as 'adrenaline/noradrenaline from the adrenal medulla.' I don't know bout stress, but I can tell you that my brain is bleeding right now LOL :-)

I can tell I am back in with the mix today, fighting losing battles with Cat Vs My Coursework (latter spread across desk, former spread on top of that) and a lot of shouty music on Classic FM (currently Edward German's 'Welsh Rhapsody'). Rough draft it liberally dotted with NOTE TO SELF messages to check this/that.  700 words all in at the moment - would like to see that increase by at least 300 by the end of the night.

I am very pleased with myself today.  I have managed to go through the Alarm Response/Resistance Stage/Exhaustion Stage and tomorrow i will do the evaluation, plus another model of stress by RS Lazarus.1,053 words so far, but when I have finished, I will have to pare back a bit (for instance I only have 500 words per model and I have used up 841 on Selye's GAS already).  Still, great progress :-)
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